Liverpool Scuba Diving Club (formerly Xaverian dive club) is a well established club,
affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club, under whose rules all diver training is undertaken.


meet the committee!...



Dave Shakeshaft :
Club Chairman - Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor

  • Responsible for the smooth running of the club and Committee and for determining policy and managing issues and problems that may affect the club.





Bill Huyton :
Vice Chair – Diver First Class
National Instructor.

  • Deputises for the Chair in his absence and undertakes special duties and projects as necessary with other committee and club members.






Tim Fitzsimons :
Diving Officer - Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor

  • Oversees all diving activity and diving standards within the club, agreeing trips and activities and appointing responsible persons to manage dives.





Bob Tarry :
Training Officer- Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor.

  • Responsible for co-ordinating and managing all the training activity within the club (pool, theory courses and open water)





Committee + Ron Kett :
Pool Equipment Officer - Dive Leader.

  • Responsible for the condition and ensuring the availability of the club pool diving equipment in support of the training officer and instructors.




Dave Williamson :
Treasurer - Advanced Diver Pool Instructor.

  • Manages the Club finances and subs, and all payments from the Club accounts.





Lee McKie :
Boat Officer - Dive Leader.

  • Responsible for ensuring the availability of the club RIB and general maintenence upkeep.




John Cook :
Communications Officer- Dive Leader

  • Deals with all internal communication and correspondence within the club, producing meeting and AGM minutes and circulating BSAC information.




Steve McKie:
Membership Secretary - Dive Leader

  • Handles all the BSAC memberships and payments for the club and monitors medicals (i.e. reminds members when due medicals) with Tim Fitzsimons(Doctor)


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