Liverpool Scuba Diving Club (formerly Xaverian dive club) is a well established club,
affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club, under whose rules all diver training is undertaken.



Lee moved to Advanced Diver this year, Amy to Dive Leader, and both he and Amy have completed several courses with BSAC in regard to advanced / mix gas diving, buoyancy and trim etc to allow them to dive the more challenging and technical side they enjoyed on their honeymoon.

This years Christmas Cards donations to be donated to the P.Davies Memoriam and RNLI – Station at Beaumaris (Trainees)

Congratulations to Lee and Amy who tied the knot in May and later on sailed away for what almost seemed like “a year and a day, To the land where the bong-tree grows” or to the far reaches of the Pacific for some adventurous diving in Truk Lagoon. 

And then it’s a big thanks to Mally for again organising a very successful trip to Egypt (Deep South Red Sea). It will always be most memorable for the stunning variety of the dives and Brian’s attachment to the dive guides (or was it the other way around?).

With a fully functioning boat now in new mooring on the MenaiStraits  this will give hopefully more opportunities to make use of it.  I know Lee has already tabled a few ideas, which we can talk about later.

This year’s “Christmas Do” will be here on Friday 30th November and for those who haven’t paid the balance, see me later. It has been well supported and should make for a great night’s get together.  

2017 saw a very successful week long trip to Scarborough with the club rib organised by Lee and Amy where the club enjoyed some really good wreck diving with the support of and in conjunction with Scarborough BSAC. This was arranged after meeting members of Scarborough Club the previous year when on a club wreck diving trip in the Red Sea.

Fantastic news Liverpool Scuba Diving Club has reached the big 50 year mile stone and we look forward to the next 50 years !!..

50 Years

Attention all Soft/Contact Lens users. Most people who wear contact/soft lenses do not know that contact/soft lens and water are a bad combination even when showering swimming or scuba diving. WATER CAN INTRODUCE GERMS TO THE EYES THROUGH CONTACT/SOFT LENSES. Most water is not germ free. There are many different kinds of germs in water that can cause eye infections, but a particular bad but a particular dangerous germ an ameba called Acanthamoeba which is commonly found in tap water, LAKE water,well water and other sources. This germ can cause a very sever type of eye infection called Acanthamoebakeratitis (google it) which is often very painful and difficult to treat sometimes requiring a year or more of treatment. Although rare, this type of infection can result in the need for a corneal transplant, or BLINDNESS.

For contact/soft lens wearers it is best to remove lenses before swimming and scuba diving and perhaps consider prescription goggles.